UN Climate Company Reveals East African Cyclone is Longest Ever on Document

The World Meteorological Group (WMO), the UN’s climate company, has revealed that Tropical Cyclone Freddy, which struck jap Africa final yr, is the longest-lasting cyclone on report. Lasting 36 days, Freddy surpassed the earlier report held by Hurricane John which lasted practically 30 days within the northern Pacific three many years in the past. Nevertheless, Freddy couldn’t beat Hurricane John to the rank of longest distance traveled, because it solely lined about 12,785 kilometers to Hurricane John’s over 13,000 kilometers. The cyclone, which hit jap Africa in two phases, resulted in over 1,200 deaths or disappearances in Malawi and greater than 180 fatalities in Mozambique. Clare Nullis, a WMO spokesperson, highlighted Freddy’s a number of landfalls throughout a number of international locations and identified that it’s an uncommon habits for tropical cyclones. Whereas some scientists are hesitant to hyperlink Freddy to local weather change, others consider it’s one among a rising variety of climate occasions attributable to the phenomenon.


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