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Some key dates in Mauritania’s historical past:

Third-Seventh centuries AD – Berber and Arab migrants arrive in present-day Mauritania.

Ninth-Tenth Centuries – Empire of Ghana has its capital in present-day south-west Mauritania.

1076 – Berber Almoravid warriors defeat the Empire of Ghana.

1500s – European mariners and merchants set up settlements.

1644-1674 – Char Bouba Struggle. Try by native peoples to withstand the Beni Ḥassān Bedouin tribes of Yemeni origin who’re extending their authority over most of Mauritania and components of Morocco.

1850s-60s – French forces acquire management of southern Mauritania.

1898 – France wins the allegiance of Moors within the area.

1904 – Mauritania turns into a part of French West Africa, first as a protectorate and later as a colony.

1912 – French forces defeat the northern emirate of Adrar, and incorporate it into the territory of Mauritania.

1960 – Mauritania turns into unbiased from France.

1964 – President Moktar Ould Daddah, initially put in by the French, makes Mauritania a one-party state and units up an authoritarian regime.

Seventies – Lengthy-lasting Sahel droughts trigger huge devastation and exacerbate issues of poverty and battle.

1976 – Mauritania, together with Morocco, annexes a part of the territory of Western Sahara.

1978 – President Daddah is deposed in a cold army coup after important losses to the Polisario armed independence motion in Western Sahara. The army rule Mauritania for greater than 20 years.

1979 – Mauritania offers up its claims to Western Sahara.

1989-91 – Mauritania-Senegal Border Struggle. Lots of are killed and a few 250,000 individuals turn out to be refugees as each international locations battle over pure sources and their River Senegal border.

2007 – First totally democratic presidential elections since independence happen.

2014 – France establishes a long-term army operation to forestall jihadist teams from organising protected havens within the Sahel, together with Mauritania.

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