Fracture Stimulation Will increase Manufacturing in Difficult North African Completions

The entire paper presents a case examine of a North African oil discipline scattered with wells that didn’t initially require fracture stimulation for financial manufacturing however now may gain advantage from hydraulic fracturing. Many of those wells are producing from a number of perforated intervals by way of completions with manufacturing tubing that weren’t designed for fracturing and can’t be labored over. The sphere is producing from two Ordovician sands, one with a better permeability (5 md) and one with a a lot decrease permeability (0.5 md). Vital profit was achieved by fracture stimulating one or each intervals in two wells, regardless of completion and operational limitations.

Subject and Reservoir Background

For the sector of curiosity, the operator drilled and accomplished two exploration wells on its concession in 2015, focusing on a number of reservoir layers. Each wells efficiently flowed hydrocarbons from the Ordovician Atchane and Jeffara intervals.

Preliminary petrophysical evaluation outcomes indicated that Nicely 2 had extra web peak and higher reservoir high quality than Nicely 1 and that the Atchane reservoir is of higher high quality than the Jeffara reservoir as a result of it accommodates roughly 80% of the permeability thickness (kh). Atchane holds extra of the overall reserves.

A field-development plan and reservoir mannequin have been ready.

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