Examine Out ‘The Act of Sporting’: A Tribute to West African Magnificence from E•S•O by Liman

E•S•O by Liman lately launched their A/W24 assortment titled The Act of Sporting at Lagos Vogue Week Woven Threads Version V.

Within the coronary heart of West Africa, the place historical past weaves a tapestry of wealthy traditions and vibrant cultures, lies the inspiration for our newest assortment, “The Act of Sporting”.

Drawing from the grace and fullness that characterised the apparel of West African girls in pre-colonial instances, this assortment pays homage to the artistry of their day by day dressing rituals.

From the sweeping wraps tied with meticulous care to the ornate coral beads adorning their necks and the wood components including rustic appeal, every element tells a narrative of satisfaction, heritage, and timeless class.

— E•S•O by Liman

In keeping with the model, “the color palette of Milk, Black, Midnight Blue, Burgundy, and Sky Blue echoes the depth and variety of the African panorama, capturing the essence of each day and evening, custom and modernity.

Exaggerated silhouettes and lengths, coupled with the distinctive cowl neckline, reimagine the fullness and beauty of West African apparel via a up to date lens.

On the coronary heart of ‘The Act of Sporting’ lies a dedication to artisanal practices and craftsmanship. Each element, from the intricate beadwork to the sustainable printmaking and material decisions, displays our dedication to preserving the artwork of handcrafted excellence.

Embracing zero-waste sample reducing, we honour the sustainability practices of our ancestors, mixing custom with innovation to create a group that’s as acutely aware as it’s fascinating.

Step into the world of ‘The Act of Sporting’, the place every garment is extra than simply trend—it’s a celebration of West African heritage, a testomony to artisanal talent, and a dedication to a sustainable future.” See extra items from the gathering beneath:

Credit score: E•S•O by Liman @esobyliman

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